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When I first started this blog, I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in..
All I knew is that I wanted to help people feel better about their lives, by spreading love and inspiration, and letting them know that things are not as bad as they can seem.  We have the divine ability to choose our realities!  It all starts with your energy.  Below is just an overview of energy and why it's important.  

My Why

Have you ever wondered "is this really all there is to life"?  Man, I sure did!  When I first worked at my previous job, I had no idea it would become toxic to me.  I told myself I had to stay there, that I had no other choices.  Right before I resigned, after 14 years of working there, I was absolutely miserable, mentally and physically.  I was depressed and frustrated, with constant thoughts of 'is this really all there is to life'?  My joints ached, to the extent that it pained me to walk across the parking lot to go in the building.  I was only 46 and I felt like a sad, dilapidated loser! 
Thanks be to God and the Universe, I don't feel that way anymore!  Nothing outside of me has really changed; I still live in the same house with the same wounded family, have the same car, with less money than I was making before, and yet, I'm sooo much happier. I've learned to begin to connect with my own energy, wade through all the layers of programming, and figure out who I really am.  I want that for you!  I don't want you to feel unhappy and stuck anymore.  I want to help you see that all you need is already inside you!


On my About Me page, I mentioned that our counselor encouraged me to look into the concept of 'energy' (we love you, Nora ❤).  BEST THING I EVER DID!  We all know on some level that EVERYTHING is made up of energy, right?  Quantum physics teaches us that physical objects are only energy, vibrating at different frequencies.  From the surface you're sitting on to the air you're breathing, to your physical body, and everything in between.  Our thoughts, words and feelings are also energy!  And it travels in waves and interacts with other energy in a predictable way.  


We carry energy with us, all the time, and it affects our thoughts, feelings and our actions. In fact, it's the most powerful force of our existence!  The environment responds to the energy we emit, not the other way around!  Have you ever walked into a room of people and gotten a 'strange feeling', whether good or bad, that seemed to come from nowhere?  It's not your imagination, it's energy coming from someone in that room!  Or, have you had a nasty interaction with someone, and felt 'off' for hours after it happened?  Yup, that's energy too.
I, personally, had it backward!  I would think to myself, if only "blank" would happen, I would be happy. Or, once I have "blank", then I'll feel fulfilled.  WRONG!!  If you believe that something or someone outside of yourself can make you happy, that puts you at the mercy of other people, events and circumstances!  You and I are not bystanders in our lives, waiting for the perfect situation to make us happy; no, we are the creators!  And it all starts with our energy.

Don't Ignore Your Energetic Body!

We try to take such good care of our physical bodies...we shower, we brush our teeth, exercise, drink water.  But what about our energetic body?  How can we ignore the most powerful force that controls all the other stuff?  Because it's invisible, we either forget about it or may not even be conscious that it's there.  Just like our physical body, our energetic body needs care.  To ignore it is like neglecting half of yourself.  
I'm here to tell you from my firsthand experience that changing your energy changes your life.  Life is so much more than just surviving and getting by...when you start connecting to your energy, you start to connect with your true self.  Studies have shown that about 95% of our conscious lives are lived from learned programming that comes from our past, our habits, judgements of other people, basically stuff that is not us.  95%?!!?  That's 95% of our lives spent on autopilot...not anymore, though!  
Negative energy can become 'stuck' inside of us.  In our thoughts and our emotions.  In our bodies, organs and cells.   It can make us miserable or even physically sick if it's left unchecked. That's why it's crucial that we monitor our energy all the time.  It sounds like hard work, and in the beginning, it takes a little effort.  After a while, though, it becomes like second nature.

Clearing Negative Energy Or Blockages

There are soooo many ways to clear negative energy.  The key is finding the method that works for you!  There is no right or wrong way to do it.  Some people love to meditate, while others can't sit still for more than two minutes.  Some people believe in the healing power of crystals and stones, while others do not.  Others use sage, palo santo, or incense.  I, myself, like to combine all of the methods.  I'll take ALL the help I can get ?, thank you very much!
This has been just a brief overview of why energy is so important.  Sharing what I've learned in future posts is just one of the ways I can help you with your energy healing journey.  I've also decided to use my crochet skills to create products that enhance your energy healing connection.    
If you ever want to reach out, please feel free to comment below or join my email list!  I'd love to hear from you!

Sending Positive Energy, Always,
​Krista ?
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What Does Crochet Have to Do with Positivity??

My short answer is EVERYTHING!  My longer answer is...
a bit more complicated.  It's a simple law of physics that everything is made up of energy.  Our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, all energy!  We are all putting out energy ALL the time, whether we're conscious of it or not!  Take just a minute to really think about that and let it sink in.  That is sooo powerful!!!   
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Creating Positive Energy

Now imagine taking an activity that brings you joy, peace, and comfort, and pouring all of your love and good vibes into it!  You have basically inserted a powerhouse of positive energy into each and every item you have created!  What an amazing and beautiful thing to be able to do!  It's nothing short of magical to me!

Crochet Is a HUGE Stress Buster

When I'm feeling down, anxious, or just not quite right, I pick up my crochet hook and some yarn.  The simple act of crocheting, with its repetitive, soothing motion, instantly calms me and vaporizes any negative energy.  That's actually how I started to crochet; it wasn't to create patterns or sell finished items, but to get through some really tough times in my life!  

I May Sound Crazy...

Sometimes I get so excited about Crochet, I think I must sound crazy!  There is something undeniably different and special about receiving a handmade item.  A thought of the person who created it immediately comes to mind, which causes an emotion.  The receiver instantly feels cared for, like "Wow, it means so much that you took the time to make this for me"!  We've all felt that care, whether from receiving a handmade gift, or receiving a homemade card from our child or grandchild.  That feeling simply cannot be replaced by a store bought gift!

What a Miracle!

I'm sorry (not sorry), but being able to elicit love and happiness in another person by giving them a small piece of you, is a miracle!  So when you sit down to crochet that hat or scarf, or that set of coasters for your home, remember you are literally creating positive energy!!  I truly believe that energy passes to the receiver regardless of whether you know them or not (like craft fairs or hand made items online).  I get so excited by this concept, I can't help myself!  When you discover the real beauty in Crochet, you start to understand why so many people do it!  It's so much more than just making pretty things!!
So now that I've gushed and possibly sounded like a crazy person, I will leave you to your own thoughts about crochet and why you do it!  Please do share them with me!  I can't wait to hear from you!  

Sending you positive energy always,
​Krista ☮?