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What Does Crochet Have to Do with Positivity??

My short answer is EVERYTHING!  My longer answer is...
a bit more complicated.  It's a simple law of physics that everything is made up of energy.  Our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, all energy!  We are all putting out energy ALL the time, whether we're conscious of it or not!  Take just a minute to really think about that and let it sink in.  That is sooo powerful!!!   
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Creating Positive Energy

Now imagine taking an activity that brings you joy, peace, and comfort, and pouring all of your love and good vibes into it!  You have basically inserted a powerhouse of positive energy into each and every item you have created!  What an amazing and beautiful thing to be able to do!  It's nothing short of magical to me!

Crochet Is a HUGE Stress Buster

When I'm feeling down, anxious, or just not quite right, I pick up my crochet hook and some yarn.  The simple act of crocheting, with its repetitive, soothing motion, instantly calms me and vaporizes any negative energy.  That's actually how I started to crochet; it wasn't to create patterns or sell finished items, but to get through some really tough times in my life!  

I May Sound Crazy...

Sometimes I get so excited about Crochet, I think I must sound crazy!  There is something undeniably different and special about receiving a handmade item.  A thought of the person who created it immediately comes to mind, which causes an emotion.  The receiver instantly feels cared for, like "Wow, it means so much that you took the time to make this for me"!  We've all felt that care, whether from receiving a handmade gift, or receiving a homemade card from our child or grandchild.  That feeling simply cannot be replaced by a store bought gift!

What a Miracle!

I'm sorry (not sorry), but being able to elicit love and happiness in another person by giving them a small piece of you, is a miracle!  So when you sit down to crochet that hat or scarf, or that set of coasters for your home, remember you are literally creating positive energy!!  I truly believe that energy passes to the receiver regardless of whether you know them or not (like craft fairs or hand made items online).  I get so excited by this concept, I can't help myself!  When you discover the real beauty in Crochet, you start to understand why so many people do it!  It's so much more than just making pretty things!!
So now that I've gushed and possibly sounded like a crazy person, I will leave you to your own thoughts about crochet and why you do it!  Please do share them with me!  I can't wait to hear from you!  

Sending you positive energy always,
​Krista ☮?